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II.Las 30 Expresiones Básicas

Las 30 Expresiones Basicas

Lo primero que les recomiendo a mis estudiantes es que aprendan expresiones en inglés, así podrán interactuar rápidamente con un extranjero, al mismo tiempo sin saberlo aprenden gramática de manera natural, debido a que se aprenden la expresión completa donde la misma tiene una estructura gramatical.
A continuación agrupo 30 frases o expresiones que el alumno tiene que aprenderlas de memoria, estas frases han sido estudiadas y seleccionada cuidadosamente.

Top 30 Basic Expressions (track 2 – listen and repeat)

  1. Hi.                                               
  2. Excuse me.
  3. What is your name?
  4. My nameis…
  5. Where are you from?
  6. How are youdoing?
  7. I am fine.
  8. Nice to meet you.
  9. Seeyoulater.
  10. Can I help you?
  11. I don’tknow.
  12. You’re welcome.
  13. I’m sorry.
  14. I don’t understand.
  15. That’s great!
  16. Yes, I know.
  17. How do you spell it?
  18. Have a good day.
  19. Well
  20. Really?
  21. Yeah?
  22. Sure.
  23. Thanks.
  24. Bye.
  25. I guess
  26. I hope so.
  27. I´m really sorry.
  28. It´s good to see you.
  29. Of course.
  30. Welcome to.. 

A continuación veremos dos diálogos que contienen algunas de las frases o expresiones antes dada.

Dialogo 1A (Meeting People at School) track 3 – listen then practice.

Nick: Hello, how are you doing?
Liz: Hi, I’m fine thanks.
Nick: Are you having fun, here?
Liz: Yes, a lot. How about you?
Nick: me too.
Liz: What’s your name?
Nick: I’m nick, “The big baby”.
Liz: oh, ok. My name is Liz and… I don’t have a nickname.
Nick: Ha ha, ok. Where are you from?
Liz: I’m from Miami and you?
Nick: I’m from New York.
Liz: ok. Well, I have to go now, see you later.
Nick: ok, see you then.

Have fun: divertirse
Nickname: apodo (seudónimo)
I have to go: tengo que irme

Dialogo 1B (giving information) track 4 – listen then practice

Lara: Excuse me, can you help me please?
Peter: Sure. What can I do for you?
Lara: I need to get to the post office.
Peter: OK. Go straight ahead and turn left, it’s on the corner.
Lara: Thank you.
Peter: You’re welcome.
Lara Oh! Is it opens now?
Peter: Of course it’s opens until 6:00 o’clock.
Lara: OK see you later.
Peter: Bye, have a good day.

Get: en este caso significa ir
Until: hasta

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