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Why Women are Stronger than Men?


Women are called ¨the weaker sex¨, but I think it is the opposite; they are stronger than any man. I am not talking about strength; I am talking about wisdom, skills and abilities. For example, a woman is able to do three things at the same time. They can watch the soap opera while they are talking on the phone and ironing their Husband´s clothes.

There is a saying ´´Behind a great man, there is a great woman´´ that’s true. Women are wiser than men as I have stated before. I do not know why but they have the ability to convince you one way or the other. They have the power to involve you in any situation. 

If you gave a million dollars to a woman she would take advantage of it in a way such as  investing to get more money or start a business. If you gave that to a man I bet that he would spend it all on women. Yeah! Women. That shows how wise women are because the money is going to end up in their hands one way or the other.

I have seen men traveling 8 to 12 hours in order to see a woman; others pay to be with them; ´´Women are expensive.´´ You have to always give money for the beauty salon, market, flee market and the bill of her cell phone. They are in charge of your money and time.

Only they have the skill to give birth. I think this is wonderful because only they, like God, have the power to bring life to our world. Is that not amazing? They are amazing and we have to protect and respect them. We must give them love not suffering, joy not sadness, hope not uncertainty.

Let me know what you think!

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