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馃摋Interchange Book 3 - Unit 12 (The Right Stuff)

Unit 12 - The right stuff. Snapshot: Success Stories (Five of the world's most successful businesses. Coca-Cola, Sony, Levi Strauss, Google, Nestle. Grammar Focus: Describing purpose. (Infinitive Clauses) Conversation: I thought you'd never ask! Grammar Focus: Giving reasons FACEBOOK PAGE: 馃實 MY BLOG: 馃摎 PODCAST: 馃帣

馃摋Interchange Book 3 - Unit 11 [Life's Little Lessons]

11 Life's Little Lessons. Rites of Passage (Some Important Life Events) Conversation: I was really immature. Grammar Focus: Time Clauses Grammar Focus: Expressing Regret and Describing Hypothetical Situations. NEW WORDS:馃懆‍馃彨馃摎 ✔heirloom: heir•loom /藞蓻r藢lum/ n. [countable] a family possession handed down from generation to generation. ✔spellbound: spell•bound (spel′bound′), adj. bound by or as if by a spell; enchanted, entranced, or fascinated: a spellbound audience.
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