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Chicago – If You Leave Me Now

Fill in the blanks

If you leave me now you take away the biggest part of __________
Uh uh uh, no baby please ________.
And if you leave me now, you’ll take away the ____ ________ of me
Uh uh uh no baby please ___________
Uh uh uh girl I just want you _______
A love like ______ is love that’s hard _______
How could we let it slip ________
We’ve come too far _________ it all behind
How could we end it all _________
When __________ comes and we’ll both regret The things we said ________

Match the verb to the definition.

1.       To stay                        a. to go away, often without intending to return.
2.       To find                         b. to remain (in a place, state or condition for a time,
3.       To leave                       c. to discover
4.       Take Away                  d. (=remove) [+ person, thing [+ privilege]
5.       Slip away                     e. slowly disappear
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