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Fixing Your Pronunciation 9 by Teacher Martinez

#FYP #teachermartinezrd #Fixingyourpronunciation Fixing Your Pronunciation 9 1- Thigh: the top part of your leg above your knee. (muslo) 2- Contagious: A contagious disease is one that you can get if you touch someone who has it. (contagioso) 3- Burglar: someone who gets into buildings illegally and steals things (ladrón, -ona) 4- Diabetes: a serious medical condition in which your body cannot control the amount of sugar in your blood. Visit my blog: 👨‍🏫 Facebook Page👩‍💻 My YouTube Channel 💻 Podcast📢 BARATOURS RD 📸🏖🌄 MARTINEZ CLASSROOM

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