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🔶hard – soft
🔶narrow – wide
empty – full
🔶sharp, keen, acute – dull, blunt
🔶strong, tough – weak, delicate, fragile
🔶big, large – little, small
bold, confident – timid, shy
🔶brave, bold – afraid, frightened
🔶bright, colorful – dull, colorless
🔶busy, occupied – free
calm, quiet – noisy, excited
🔶careful, cautious – careless
🔶cheerful – gloomy
🔶clean, neat – dirty
🔶clever – foolish, stupid
🔶cold, cool – hot, warm
🔶confident, sure – not sure
🔶crazy – reasonable, sensible
🔶cruel – kind
🔶dangerous – safe
🔶dead – alive
🔶deep – shallow
🔶delicious, tasty – tasteless, inedible
🔶different – the same, similar
🔶difficult, hard – easy
🔶dry – wet
🔶early – late
🔶expensive – cheap
🔶far, distant – near, close
🔶fast, quick – slow

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